Thursday, May 31, 2012

Throwback Thursdays

One of my first digital forays into concert photography: The Iguanas at Cafe Nine in New Haven, 2005. I thought I would follow up my post about music and inspiration with a photo that I'm not entirely proud of. I think it shows growth and it's always a good reminder to see how far you've come. This is where I was 7 years ago as a photographer.

It was taken with a Canon G4, the only camera I've ever actually hated with a passion. To this day, I won't buy Canon point and shoot cameras. In case you're wondering, I recommend Panasonic Lumix for point and shoots. I do shoot Canon for my SLR, so it's not all hate. It's just that the G4 was slow, grainy and the lag on it was so bad, you had to take the picture before it happened. I let my nephew use it these days.

This concert was an absolute riot. Vanessa and I found a table at the back of the bar, which ended up being next to the Red Stripe promotional girls. We got tons of free Red Stripe swag and they gave us full beers they were supposed to be distributing to the audience. If you're ever at a show and you're waiting for the band to start, don't go outside and complain about the band not starting unless you know what all of the band members look like. Turns out Vanessa and I were being quite verbal in front of the bass player.

This is also the concert where Vanessa and I were deemed "The Girls in the Back" by the band. Cafe Nine is really small. At the end of their set, The Iguanas left the stage and walked to the back, right by our table. We cheered and shouted our brains out and Joe, the lead tenor sax player dedicated the encore to us. Amazing experiences tend to follow Vanessa and myself at concerts.

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