Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Maritime Aquarium Trip

My nephew loves marine life, squids of the giant variety in particular, so we took a trip down to Norwalk to check out the Maritime Aquarium. We went later in the day which was nice because there weren't a lot of people there. The downside was that most of the animals were already sleeping for the day. The kids didn't seem to mind at all and it showed me the super cool eye cover that the green tree frog has when it sleeps, seen above.

The jelly displays are super cool and really nicely lit which made for fun photos.




James also loves the lion fish, so I made sure to take a bunch of photos for him.


Meerkat slumber party.


We trapped Grandma in the shark cage.

While the sharks were resting, the rays still swam by for a few touches.

 The harbor seals were tuckered out after their last feeding of the day.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Booker T at Stage One in Fairfield, CT 08.28.14

I had good reasons for holding off on this post: I got an autographed CD for my brother at the end of the show and I didn't want to tip him off. Now that his birthday has passed, I'm super excited to share these photos with you. It's a small set of images because I wasn't officially shooting this show. I ended up with front row seats right in front of Booker, so I snapped a few here and there with my mirrorless Canon EOS M, using 40mm and 85mm lenses and manual focusing so not to distract. Stage One is a very small venue, which makes for super intimate concerts. It was an absolutely amazing show, split into two hour long sets. Sometimes it's good to just enjoy musical genius as it happens. Booker and the band hung out after the show to talk and sign autographs and they were all beyond gracious and lovely.