Monday, May 7, 2012

Pledge Ben Folds Five

In case you don't follow Ben Folds on twitter or facebook, I wanted to pass this info along:

Pre-sale video announcement of New Ben Folds Five album


When you get there, watch the video because it features a song from the new album called "Sky High" - quite different than "Do It Anyway"

Be sure to click to download the free single of
"Do It Anyway"
If you already have it
Download It Anyway

It will be a higher res file
And it will sign you up for our Vice President Of Promotion thingie.

We'll put your name in the vinyl LP art and Poster Art
Thanks for spreading the word so amazingly so far. That free single seems to have reached a sick number of people very quickly over the weekend (which is why we're now rushing the announcement out now)

This is a lot more fun than doing a month of press. And I'll stay available online. Robert and Darren will be too.

Direct link to pledge is here

More from Ben here:

"I realize that it's a luxury for us to promote only to fans. We've had the help of labels for years which gave us a leg up. The years of traditional promotion, soul draining as they might have been, affords us that luxury now. A start up band cannot easily do it this way. Our intention is not to 'stick it to the man'. He's quite stuck enough. We don't care to create a new model. We're just doing it the way it feels best this time around and quite honestly, making it up as we go along."
I'm excited to help support any artist that has the guts to do something different. 
Welcome back, boys!

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