Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Andrew Bird at the Beacon Theater 05.05.12

Andrew Bird counts as my May concert, and the third show I've been to in as many weeks. I have to say, it was a bit of a concert blitz. I first bought tickets to see Bird, then Punch Brothers for my April concert. When I heard that Hotel Lights were going to do a short tour, I knew I'd be going to that as well. It just turned out that they were back to back to back. Each show was incredible, all in their own way. I was able to shoot with my SLR at Hotel Lights, Punch Brothers had amazing energy and Andrew Bird was equally powerful. This show was more about the trek into the city and spending time with friends before hand.

I'm not going to get too wordy with this post. There are a few pictures and they capture a lot of passion and intensity. Once again, I'm very happy with the results, even in a low light situation.


Bird took the stage and played the first two songs of the night alone.

My favorite shot of the night came when the band moved to the front left of the stage. I really like when the band unplugs. It helps you appreciate their talent and in this case the sheer power of Andrew Bird's voice.

Fun stage lighting during Plasticities. They seemed to stumble over the opening of the song, stopping and starting a few times.

Set List:
Carrion Suite
Danse Caribe
Desperation Breeds...
Lusitania (with Tift Merritt)
Orpheo Looks Back
Give It Away
So Much Wine (The Handsome Family cover)
Dear Dirty
Near Death Experience Experience
Fatal Shore
Tables and Chairs
Fake Palindromes
I'm Goin' Home (Charley Patton cover)
If I Needed You (Townes Van Zandt cover)

I had a great time in the city with Jan, Darren and Greg. I was only disappointed by the lack of sombreros on Cinco de Mayo. Our count hit 5 on the way back to Grand Central.

And as always, the shoe shot.

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