Friday, December 23, 2011

Valley Santa Part 3 of 3

Are you mentally prepared for the epic conclusion of Valley Santa?

Are you sure?

Want to give yourself a minute?

All right, you asked for it...

The faces of the innocent have been protected.

Of course we cropped this photo to be less...inappropriate...molesty...questionable.

Oh, Valley Santa, I wonder where you are today...

Be sure to check out the song for this blog post. For some reason, I imagine Valley Santa to have a singing voice comparable to Tom Waits. 

I'm preparing for Christmas Eve. Every year, my friends have a Fondue/Fondon't party. It started out as a normal gathering with a fondue and by the end of the night, we were dipping everything we could think of in the cheese. The next year it evolved into a challenge to find the best and the worst thing you could dip in a fondue. Sometimes, you make a discovery where the thing you thought would be a don't is an amazing do! FYI, fruitcake is definitely a don't. I eagerly called out Pretzel Time pretzels as my do this year. Clearly, I was not thinking at the time. The only place where you can get these pretzels is the mall. So yeah, I signed myself up for going to the mall on Christmas Eve. Oi!

Then I decided to think of it as a photo assignment. Imagine the chaos I can take pictures of! I only have my point and shoot, as the SLR is being repaired right now, but I'm pretty sure I can still get the pictures that I want.  Wish me luck.

If this is the last blog post you see, you'll know what happened to me. And hey, if I'm going to go out, what better way than to go out sharing Valley Santa with the world!

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