Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Final Days of Six Flags Wild Safari

Six Flags Wild Safari is closing at the end of September. When it reopens next year, visitors will no longer be able to drive their own cars. I'm not sure if they're going to set up a trolley, bus system or cars being driver by trained keepers. My brothers and I decided we needed to experience this one more time and share that with their kids. We rented a mini van with the additional insurance, just in case. I even managed to snap a few decent pictures through the closed windows.

We were lucky enough to be in front of a couple of rule breakers. The ostriches gobbled up an entire loaf of bread.

Grace loves the elephants. Below is her reaction.

This little peacock was sleeping right next to the road.

The whooping cranes provided much more entertainment than ever expected. You can see them on the move in this photo. We were stuck at this spot for a good 10 minutes as all three cranes pecked at the bumper of our van. James tried to get his father to beep the horn; such a little trouble maker!

Instead, my brother flashed his high beams. The picture below is the closest thing you'll see to whooping crane stink eye.

It turns out, the cranes were pecking at all the squashed bugs on the bumper we collected on the ride to New Jersey.

The zebras got fairly close to us.


The best part of the safari, which lasted about an hour and a half, was this little devil. A young giraffe came over and stopped traffic. It proceeded to attack the roof rack of the SUV next to us. The face of the woman in that car was absolutely priceless. She kept banging on her car window to get the giraffe to stop. Eventually, keepers shooed it away.

I was lucky enough to catch the male lion pop his head up.

Check out the teeth on that guy!

Herons in Milford never let me get that close and usually fly away as soon as they see the focus assist beam on my camera. The animals at the safari had the opposite reaction. When they saw the red light, they focused on me.

Grizzly playing with a stick. I thought it sorta looked like a mustache. Hipster Grizzly.

Sexy 'roo posing for the ladies. I don't even know if my brothers saw this guy chilling in the shade. Typical Aussie...

The white Bengal tiger was pacing his cage.

Sadly, the baboons are now kept behind a fence. It was so much more fun when they were able to climb on top of cars and rip side mirrors off. Looks like they miss the action just as much.

Thanks to my big brother for driving and my other big brother for letting me crash in the Bronx the entire weekend. I think you can see that we all had a blast.

**For those anxiously awaiting Gotye concert pictures, I'm shooting for early next week. I got home around 3 in the morning and downloaded the pictures, but my eyes were so shot, I wasn't going to attempt processing.**

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