Sunday, September 23, 2012

Photo of the Week: Week 38

This is a family portrait from Six Flags Wild Safari. Our rental van had a great mirror in it that let the driver see the entire car. If you look closely, I'm even in it, all the way in the back.

Thanks to my brothers, nephew and niece for a great time!

Now to some unfortunate news. Those that follow me on my other social media outlets already know, as I announced my disappointment as soon as I heard, the Michael Bolton concert I was supposed to cover last night was canceled. Inclement weather and slow ticket sales would have caused the town of Trumbull to suffer massive losses. You can read the story we ran in the paper here.

I don't want you to think that I'm massively upset about not getting to see Michael Bolton perform; although I had big plans for a gag gift from a picture I would have taken. I want to be shooting as much as possible, regardless of who is performing. In fact, I think it's more difficult to get powerful images from music I'm not particularly fond of as opposed to a band that I love.

To help ease the pain of the lack of Michael Bolton pictures on this blog, I bring you this video. I think it mirrors my sentiments exactly. I hope it's enough. There's still another big surprise I have in store for you, so keep checking in!

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