Friday, September 7, 2012

fr EYE day

You're getting a two for one this week! If you look closely at the patterns, especially dark brown spots around the iris, you might notice that this is in fact the same eye. That's right, I finally bit the bullet and stepped in front of the lens to show you my own eye.

I've always known that my eyes will change color, but never expected to document it. I turned to Trainer Steve to take my pictures because he's also a photographer and this shot takes a steady hand.  Officially, I say my eyes are hazel. The first shot is my happy color: green. The second shot is my angry color: yellowish brown. Yes, I have mood eyes.

The angry eye color was the first shot Steve took and I was really surprised because I wasn't angry at him. Then I realized what had happened: the picture was taken after my workout at the gym. The adrenaline after a tough kettlebell workout does the same thing as someone making me mad. Pretty neat, huh? I brought my camera back in and asked Steve to take a picture of my eye before my workout. He was skeptical of my claim, but there's my proof.

I included the larger versions, but I think you get a better idea of the different colors when they are side by side. In case you were wondering, these are both my right eye and they were both shot in the same room, under the same lighting conditions. I did not enhance the colors in any way.

 Angry Audra

 Happy Audra

Now remember those contraction furrows in the eye I showed you several weeks back? Well, I've got them too. And just one more fun tidbit for you, the only other eye I've seen the horizontal bands in belongs to my cousin.

See, I told you I had special eyes!

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