Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sage on the Bridgeport Green 08.17.12

Just a few quick pictures of my August concert. I went to a free concert on the green in Bridgeport on a Friday night. The sign says Downtown Thursdays, but this show had been rained out from a previous Thursday, so they held it on a Friday night. It was a tribute to Soul Train's 30th anniversary. My friends and I stayed for one band, Sage, an all female jazz band.

Mia cheering them on. They performed a cover of Loving You and when the first OHHHHHHH, the band dropped out and let the crowd sing it. It was a scene straight out of South Park, with the entire crowd straining to hit the impossibly high notes. Everyone cracked up.

Fan giving the thumbs up.

And of course, shoes.

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