Monday, August 6, 2012

Eric & Michelle 07.14.12

I'm back from vacation and my first order of business is to post a few pictures from last month's wedding. Eric and Michelle were the sweetest couple and everything was located in my hometown, Milford. It made for such a relaxed day and gave me plenty of time for pictures.  

Michelle had seen one of my ads in the bridal supplement years before her wedding and held onto it. I was completely flattered by that and thrilled to have a bride that loves photography as much as I do. 

We started with some portraits at her parents house; quickly taking advantage of the gorgeous window light. Doesn't she have incredible eyes?

A few detail shots including an old family bible and rosary.

I love the serenity of the above image.

They were married at St. Agnes Church, also in Milford.

We did the family portraits outside the church, then Eric and Michelle asked to head over to Anchor Beach for their portraits. Although it was a hot day, the beach breezes kept us comfortable.

These two were naturals. I don't like to pose people because it feels forced to me. I prefer to capture people as they are and how they normally interact with each other. How sweet are these two? Seriously!

They were the best nuzzlers I've seen in years!

What I loved the most about this couple is that they didn't take themselves seriously. They were more than willing to goof around which resulted in some great candids.

The wind was really kicking up Michelle's veil. As you can see, she was happy to be rid of it.

The family gathered for a lovely dinner at the Beach House. The food is absolutely incredible and they just might have the nicest staff I've ever dealt with.

I snagged the bride and groom for a few more shots outside the Beach house. I had an absolute blast at this wedding and can't wait for Eric and Michelle to see the results. Thanks for including me in your special day!

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