Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Bronx Zoo Day Trip

Last week, I went into the city to attend a photo exhibit and the next day, I took Grace to the Bronx Zoo.  We hit up the reptile house first before my brother had to get some work done, so that's all I was able to take pictures of. Even with my little point and shoot, I got some nice shots of the curious reptiles.

The iguanas were wide awake and inquisitive, although they need to talk to the zoo keepers about cleaning the glass.

The poison tree frogs were also up early.

This little guy was about the size of my fingernail.

The reticulated python was a lovely green.

The star of the zoo, Mia the infamous Bronx Zoo Cobra, is clearly not a morning person. She didn't come out at all and hid from the paparazzi.

The King Cobra had no qualms with me, although he liked the focus assist beam on my camera a little too much. Let's just say I'm glad there was glass between us.

My brother and I were both a little disappointed at the lack of fanfare for Mia. I mean, there wasn't even a name tag and her enclosure was pretty small; no wonder she ran away.

Grace was a big fan of the peacocks, so I managed to snap a picture of one for her. It was quite an adventure trying to see the zoo with Grace by myself. She's at that stage where the stroller is totally uncool, except for her to try to push. If only I could get her to push me in the stroller...maybe next time...

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