Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Pies

I realized I didn't really explain anything about our family tradition of making Easter Pies in my post yesterday. I was pretty cranky. Now that the swelling is starting to go down in my wrists, and I'm not about to kick my computer through the window, I thought I should include some pictures from last year.

Easter Pie day happens the Saturday before Easter and is an all day affair. My mother starts cooking the rice at about six in the morning, you add in a gagillion eggs, meat and cheese and go from there. It's pretty much keep going until the pot is empty. This year we got about 17 pies out and two batches of cinnamon twists, which is pretty standard. Somehow, we managed to finish before six in the evening, which I don't remember ever accomplishing before. Mad props, fam! I relinquished my dough making ability to my oldest brother about half way through the day. Trying to make dough by hand with a sprained joint in my wrist was pretty much the worst motion imaginable. Jimmy did a great job, though!

If you'd like to read more about this tradition, check out my post from last year.

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