Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Gotye Second Look

I like to take a week or so off after I take a lot of pictures and view the results with fresh eyes. I find that I will have overlooked some real gems or I'll have more time to pour into processing them. I was very particular with my Gotye shots and threw out a lot that weren't crisp enough for my liking. I also lost a lot of pictures because of heads and shadows from my fellow concert goers. The shot above caught so much fun energy, I was really surprised it slipped past me the first time. Here are just a few more that I liked and wanted to share.

This was originally one of my favorite shots; I caught the perfect amount of passion and intensity. The more I looked at it, the more the lens flare bothered me. If it had been anywhere other than on his head, it would've been fine. That's just part of the fun of stage lighting.

I actually had a lot of good shots from The Only Way. For the sake of duplicates, I only put up a couple in my original post, but I thought it would look good as a series. I love artists that put on a good visual show. To fully appreciate the madness that was going on during these shots, check out the video from another show:

I used to shoot roll after roll of film, experimenting with strobe lights, having my friends pose or run around. It's nice to see that finally pay off. I still have a fondness for the first image, but they're all great. I would much rather be tossing aside shots because I have a better one than missing something.

This shot was discarded hastily because of the original cropping; the monitors cut his legs off just below the knees. Cropping at joints makes your subjects look like amputees, so I went a little above that and ended up with a perfectly viable image.

My editing has definitely improved over the past year. Only a handful of good shots slipped past my first round of processing this time. What do you think? I have an engagement shoot this weekend, then concerts over the next three weeks. Stay tuned!


  1. I've been following your Gotye concert postings.  Very nice photographs.  You capture his intensity well.

  2. Scarlett,
    Thanks so much! Capturing someone's personality is what I love about photography. Glad you found the blog and I hope you stick around!