Wednesday, March 14, 2012

You take the good with the bad

A follow up to my last post, and something completely different for me.

No pictures.

I had planned to go to a show tonight. I actually went there. I parked my car and sat in it. And then I didn't feel like going in. Little known fact about me: I'm really shy. Painfully shy. I sometimes question whether or not I should be a photographer because I'm so shy, and then I realize, that's probably why I love photography so much: I can see the world through my lens and not have to interact with people. I can show you my world without having to come up with words. A lot of the time, I can fight through it, but sometimes, like tonight, I just don't want to deal. So I started up my car again and drove back home.

I try to keep this blog positive because who wants to listen to me whine, but we've all got our things. Sometimes I can't even buck up the courage to go do something I love. Sometimes I'll drive all the way to Brooklyn to see a show by myself. I can't figure it out.

I guess tonight was just one of those nights where the introvert in me wants to see if I'll implode.

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