Thursday, March 8, 2012

Throwback Thursdays

When Davy Jones passed away last week, I wanted to post this tour book for Throwback Thursday. Unfortunately, it took a little effort to find it in the crawl space. One week late isn't too shabby. I feel like Davy didn't get a whole lot of attention for his untimely death as the train wreck that was Whitney Houston did. I wanted to give Jones his due, at least on my little space of the internet.

The Monkees reunion tour was my first concert. My father got me tickets after I let him pull one of my front teeth out. (It had been loose for days and my constant tinkering with it was driving him nuts.) I was a HUGE Monkees fan, absolutely in love with Davy and seven years old. Although it's not listed in the tour book, I saw them play at the Oakdale Theatre in Connecticut, back when it still had the rotating stage. I remember the woman in front of me had a sign and she held it up every time the Monkees were facing us. Thanks for that, jerk!

Weird Al opened and he was absolutely brilliant; he played a lot off of Dare To Be Stupid.  His final song was One More Minute where he walked through the crowd, handing out handkerchiefs. The Monkees took the stage, well, three of them, to the roar of the audience. My seven year old brain could not comprehend why three old men were standing there. I'd just watched an episode of their TV show that day. What had happened to them? Apparently, this happened to a lot of kids my age.

So here is the complete tour book for the concert, just like I promised my friends on facebook. I wish bands still put things like this out. I would love to see my pictures in a concert book! Enjoy!

I love that additional tour musicians got their own photo spread. Look at the 80's fashion! 

And just look at the prices of the merch! $15 for a t-shirt? They cost like $45 these days!


  1. I can't move my eyes past the 80s hair to even appreciate the clothes.  Hillarious!

    I am just as disappointed now as I was at the time of the concert to see such a small portion of the tour book dedicated to Weird Al.  I still don't understand how that tour pairing formed, unless they were trying to put together the perfect combination of artists to attract Audra and I.

    I also have to say that you missed an opportunity on the Grooveshark playlist- no Weird Al to remember the show, no MacArthur Park cover of Jurrasic Park to bridge to the previous post.

  2.  Wow, I don't know what I was thinking! These issues have been fixed and the playlist has been updated. Good call, brother!

  3. Jennifer BattertonMarch 8, 2012 at 5:58 PM

    What a blast from the past! It's so funny, and you're right, they were not old men to us then. My 8th graders didn't mention anything when Whitney Houston died, but a whole bunch mentioned that Davy Jones died (and that their moms - my age - cried). I'm just sad that they won't be able to tour again now. I saw them in the city over the summer. Glad I did! I will never forget that the Monkees at Oakdale was my first concert and my favorite show. Thanks so much for sharing!!!