Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Dinosaur Cookies

Don't judge me for only having a Christmas tin to put my cookies in.

I made a batch of sugar cookies over the weekend to give my web designer some designing fuel. This was no easy task. For the life of me, I can't understand why stores are lacking dinosaur baking products. No cookie cutters, no cake molds, NOTHING! I wasn't about to give up. I used my dinosaur bread cutter instead. Granted, it's not meant to make cookies, which is why they varied in shape and size. That only makes them more real, in my opinion. Was every dinosaur in shape? No, I bet there were some fat ones and some skinny ones.

Dinosaur bread cutter

Well, I had a second little issue with the icing. I think I added too much syrup and not enough sugar because the coatings wouldn't stick. They kinda look sickly. Maybe they're molting...

Patchy dinosaurs

In my own defense, they taste amazing, and that's what baking is all about. There's a lot of love in these cookies! Because I'm me, I felt the need to come up with an explanation as to why the dinosaur cookies look the way they do.

You see, I managed to save the dinosaur cookies from extinction, all except for this little guy. As the meteor plummeted to the earth at astronomical speeds, it started to melt the dinosaur's skin right off of him. Look at the flames coming off that thing!

Hopefully, my redesigned website will look slightly better than these cookies, but I know there will be just as much love poured into it!

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