Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I'm being judged

I entered the photo above in a contest at the beginning of the month: T-Mobile's Living the 4G Photo Contest. The description reads: "We've all got that photo, the shot that captured a concert or festival moment perfectly. Your friend on your shoulders, the crowd surfing, 20,000 people singing together with their hands in the air. Well, that photo could see you traveling to this year's hottest music festival in Coachella Valley on our dime."

I'm not so interested in the prize. Don't get me wrong, I'd be thrilled to go to Coachella. I've never been to a festival concert and there are a ton of good bands playing. I'd also win a new phone and a year's worth of service which would be sweet because I already use T-Mobile. But that's not why I entered.

The first round of judging has begun and a photographer from Brooklyn Vegan is taking a look at all the submissions. That, to me, is a better prize. If by some crazy miracle, I make it to round two, I need your help in voting for my picture. Trust me, I'll be bugging all of you.

I also submitted a picture for a cover shot for one of our yearly publications, the Milford Answerbook. It had been rejected in the past because it didn't scream MILFORD. I disagreed, but went out and reshot it.

They liked the boring cover, and I get it, but man, talk about stifling creativity. Two years later, the first shot which was deemed inferior is now "wicked awesome". Let that be a lesson to you: don't give up.

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