Thursday, March 15, 2012

Throwback Thursdays

An absolute treasure from my past: One of the first photos I was ever proud of! Granted I was 11 years old and Mark Price was my hero. This was shot with a point and shoot Kodak film camera, no zoom, barely a step above a disposable camera. My father sweet talked our way down to the court during warm ups so I could take some pictures. Thanks for that, Dad, and thanks to the super cool security guards that allowed me to. Oh, and thanks to Mark Price for not laughing at a really excited kid who was the only one wearing a Cleveland Cavaliers shirt at a New Jersey Nets game.

Unfortunately, my sense of timing was not spot on at 11. Right after I took this picture, he looked up and smiled. I bet Lebron James wouldn't do that for his fans. Mark Price, nothing but class.

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