Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Yeasayer at The Capitol Theatre 11.13.12

Yeasayer's show at the Capitol Theatre was a welcomed change to my concert going experience this year. For those that are newer to my blog, one of my goals this year was to make it to at least one show a month. While I wasn't entirely familiar with Yeasayer's entire musical catalogue, I liked their latest album, Fragrant World, enough to head on down to Port Chester for the second time this year.

Yeasayer is described as experimental rock/pyschedelic pop. If you hate genre titles as much as I do, you can go by the Audra musical categories: Music I Like and Music I Don't Like. Yeasayer fall under the Music I Like category. While their first two albums have a more of a world music vibe to them, their latest is more electronic. At times, there are hints of Of Montreal influences. For those Faux Pas fans out there distraught over the announcement of no more new material, I direct you to Yeasayer. The Brooklyn based band already has a Gotye connection with their remix of Eyes Wide Open.

I attended this show with a decent sized group of friends, thanks to some last minute tickets given to us by a friend. It was also the first concert I attended as a regular fan again since September; i.e. not officially photographing for a band or a publication. That didn't mean I wasn't going to bring along my point and shoot camera and take a few shots here and there. It did mean I had to change up the way I shoot quite a bit. I learned that the light at The Cap is a little tricky from the Ben Folds Five concert I shot in October. (I'm still waiting on the newspaper to run that story before I can share those pictures with you.) Yeasayer's light show was visually impressive, as you can see from the shot above, and I'm always a sucker for silhouette shots. My line of thinking was less about capturing the band, but more about documenting the experience from the audience. In that, I think I did a pretty decent job.

The show opened with guitarist Anand Wilder on lead vocals.

The entire show was an ethereal dance party. There was great energy in the smaller crowd. My friends and I showed up just before 9 and still managed to make it to the front of the stage comfortably.

Bassist Ira Wolf Tuton.

Wilder had the most even lighting the entire night, so I was able to snap a few decent portraits of him.

The intricate stage design and visuals were conceived by Casey Reas as part of The Creators Project.

Lead vocalist, Chris Keating, had amazing energy. I kept my eye on him and waited for the light to kick up just enough to be able to capture this shot.

It was a lot of fun playing around with light flares and the crowds raised hands.

And of course, I dug all the green light. 

Thanks to my adventurous friends who were down with a last minute concert. I always have more fun being able to share a concert with good people!

It wouldn't be the end of a concert post without a shoe shot. I was able to weave between audience members to pull off this picture of Keating's shoes.

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