Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Beardsley Zoo

My brother and I decided to go to the zoo on Black Friday and were joined by Mia and family. I haven't been to the Beardsley Zoo since I was in elementary school. I have to say, it was a ton of fun! They don't have as many animals as bigger zoos, but it's not crowded, so you can really get a good look at what they do have. Plus, you can't go wrong with some fabulous wooden cut outs! Vanessa and Mia happily became peacocks. Grace, however, didn't want to stand still for a picture...

There were great viewing stations set up for the wolves. The shot above is a red wolf, while the one below is a bearded wolf.
I thought it looked like a fox on stilts.

Mia posing for a shot.

Grace's favorite: the peacock. They're free roaming, just like at the Bronx Zoo, but their plumage was much more full. Oh, and they have a half white, half blue peacock, which you get when a regular peacock and white peacock breed. Even more beautiful!

A little frog action.

The ocelot was basically my cat on a typical day: sitting in a cardboard box, watching the birds in the next room. 

Here's the amazing vampire bat picture I was telling you about in my photo of the week post...

Just kidding! The real shot is below.

The monkeys loved the auto assist beam on my camera.

I tried out a shot of the peacocks on PX-70 color protection film. It doesn't have to be shielded from the sunlight like the silver shade I've been primarily shooting. That's what it looks like as it's ejected from the camera; pretty cool right? Unfortunately, I overexposed the picture. I'm still learning that darn camera!

Mia walking with her dad.

The Beardsley Zoo has a couple of tigers, but no clear view of them. Bummer.

Grace and Mia taking turns on the elephant sculpture.

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