Tuesday, March 29, 2011

One of the MANY reasons I love Andrew

A few months ago, I purchased a fabulous device that allows me to rip my old cassette tapes right into itunes. I have HUNDREDS of cassette tapes, ranging from video game sound effects, bootlegs of concerts, mixes, the majority of my Jimmy Buffett music collection, but most importantly, old high school band concerts. And some of the best moments of those concerts are the commentaries by my friends. If you look over to the right, just over there, you see a new track in my playlist called Die! Die! Die! World, I give you, Andrew.

Andrew is probably going to kill me for posting this old photo of him, but it was taken around the time of the recording. Now in all fairness to Andrew, he was retaliating to a prank I played on him that involved cork grease. I'm just happy that after all these years, an gem like this MP3 exists. No hard feelings, right, Dru?

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