Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Sunday Evening with Grace

Today's goal was to get a picture of James and Grace together. Not all that easy to do with a defiant three and a half year old who's used to getting all of his auntie's attention when it comes to the camera. James has reached the NO phase, which I can handle for a couple hours at a time. There's lots of redirecting of his attention because the boy has a lot of energy. But Grace, well, she already loves the camera.

That's one happy baby.

I have two pictures that I like of the cousins together and I like them for completely different reasons. First:

James being a goofball and Grace's reaction is priceless. 'What is wrong with this kid?' she must be thinking.

I think that'll work for Grandma.

Time to settle in for the night, fold some laundry, watch a couple episodes of Firefly (thank you Science Channel!) and rest up for the last week of sanity I'll ever have at my job. Sigh...

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