Monday, January 6, 2014

Photo Backlog: Pre Christmas

In an attempt to catch up on a mass of old photos, I give you this disorganized post. These are pictures I took before Christmas, including some Thanksgiving shots, the ice storm and dog sitting. These are the posts that my family love, so family, read on. Let's start with some Hannah portraits.

She can turn on a dime!

Man, look at the determination on that little face! Good luck with her once she figures out walking, brother!

James being James

Grace with a plethora of corn muffins

The ice storm that hit Milford the middle of December. I always love ice storms and how beautiful the trees look coated in glass. I never feel like they photograph as gloriously as they look in real life.

I dog sat for Luke in December and these are a few still life shots from the house. What a house, right?

And of course, the master of the house, Luke!

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