Thursday, January 2, 2014

13 New Things: End Results

At the beginning of 2013, I came up with a list of goals for the year. You can read that post here. 2013 was not the best for me as far as achieving my goals, heck, I didn't even attempt most of them. I'm not upset about it, it just wasn't much of a priority for myself this year. I did accomplish a lot and I feel like I really grew as a photographer. I can only improve on my goals from last year as I look forward into 2014.

1. Photograph the Eels. Fail!
Although I tried my hardest on this one, I was not able to get a photo pass for either of the shows I went to. I wasn't upset because I ended up getting some great shots with my point and shoot from the crowd. There's always next tour!

2. Play basketball again. Fail!
I played a lot of softball last year, and plan on joining a league team this year, but still no basketball.

3. Learn more about the computer programs I use. Pass.
I didn't exactly watch tutorials online about the programs I use, but I've gotten much more proficient and faster at them, so I'm going to give myself credit here. I've learned to cull a concert where I shoot anywhere from 900-1500 photos in a couple of days. It used to take me a few weeks to sort through a wedding of that size.

4. Photo Challenge. Fail!
I just wasn't that interested in the photo challenge I'd selected. I was supposed to photograph something that started with a different letter of the alphabet. I made it through G. I think this year's photo challenge will be more fun and keep me engaged.

5. Do a flexed arm hang for 30 seconds. Fail!
Man, I feel like this goal will forever be on my lists.

6. Buy and learn Totally Rad. Fail!
I once again found better ways to spend my money instead of getting this program. I have no issues with my photographic purchases and would do it again in a heartbeat.

7. Shoot a concert for another publication. CHECK!
I shot for the newspapers several times last year and I also found a new home shooting for Surviving the Golden Age. I covered so many more concerts as a result of this and I'm more than thrilled. Even though I only accomplished a few of my goals, this was a big one.

8. Give blood. Fail!
Man, I missed the ball on this one. I'm going to sign up for a blood drive ASAP.

9. Contact other concert photographers. CHECK!
I reached out to one photographer in particular, Chris from Boston Through My Eyes. He was really helpful and gracious to me and for that I'm truly touched. I also made it a point to talk to other concert photographers, especially the ones at Gathering of the Vibes. I tend to be very introverted, so reaching out to others is hard for me. I was pleasantly surprised to bond with others that share the same passion for what I do.

10. Set up album templates in InDesign. Fail!
Eh, wedding albums just aren't my thing, and that's ok. I did end up shooting for another studio and will be shooting with them a lot this year. I don't have to process the pictures or set up albums, which is great for me. I've gotten much more proficient at setting up collages on my blog, so I know I can do this if need be. I just don't need to right now.

11. Go to the gym five days a week. Fail!
I remember my brother commenting on this when I first posted it. He said I was being very ambitious. Nick, you were totally right. I got to the gym five times a week a total of nine times last year. There were a lot of weeks where I was there three or four times a week. It gives me a starting point and now I can say I'm going to get to the gym five times a week at least ten times this year and take it from there.

12. Learn basic web design. Fail!
Hehehehehe. Sometimes, I feel like I'm so lazy. Although I didn't get around to learning any web design, I do have full control over my website now and great people helping me with that. I've also learned a little bit about wordpress from my work with StGA, so it wasn't a total loss.

13. Write an article. Pass.
While I didn't stick to the original goal, I feel like I did a lot of work in this department. I wrote five concert reviews for StGA last year, and three of them I'm really quite proud of. It's difficult for me to shoot and write, so any development in this area is a bonus for me.

So there you have it. Two definites, two halfsies and ten straight up fails. I feel like it's just as important to share my failures with you as it is to celebrate the victories. Be sure to check back in next week, where I'll post my 14 New Things.

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