Thursday, July 26, 2012

Throwback Thursday: Family Vacations

I'm going on vacation next week! What better way to gear up for this than looking through the old family photo albums? Yes, yes, recalling some of my fondest memories here...

Here we are in front of the Lincoln Memorial in 1984. I sure do look thrilled. Then again, I'm only four years old, so maybe I hadn't gotten the hang of smiling for pictures yet. On a side note, my brother Jimmy is rocking the Ghostbusters t-shirt while I'm in an R2D2 tank top??? Where is that tank top? I want it back!!!

1985, Plymouth Rock. Ok, I'm not looking very happy in this one either. Nick is clearly having a blast, even if he doesn't have any of his teeth...

1986 at Yankee Stadium. In my defense, we all look pretty annoyed in this picture. At least Nick is pretending like he's having fun while the rest of us are shooting daggers at my father, taking the picture.

Maine fishing trip in 1987. Ok, seriously, who the heck puts their kids in front of a smelly, bloody bin full of dead mackerel and expects a Kodak moment?

Lastly, we have a couple of giddy kids at Hershey's Chocolate World in 1988. It's like Willy Freakin' Wonka; look at the joy and wonder on their faces! Wait a minute...we're not looking all that blissful. I can't understand why. Just look at my teal high top converse sneakers!

Hopefully next week finds me slightly happier than my childhood.*

*My childhood was actually pretty happy and we went on a ton of vacations. Thanks for that Mom and Dad! There were plenty of pictures of us looking happy, I just scanned the angry ones. Honestly, I hated having my picture taken as a kid. I think it was because I was momentarily stopped from having fun and being forced to take a picture. I also think it's hilarious that I'm a photographer. A photographer that to this day, still hates having my picture taken.

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