Sunday, July 29, 2012

Photo of the Week: Week 30

Before you think that I somehow photographed The Eels this year, this is from last year at Music Hall of Williamsburg. Now don't go complaining that this doesn't fit the rules of my Photo of the Week challenge. It's my photo challenge, how dare you question it?

I was going through my old shots from last year for a post that's coming tomorrow when I stumbled upon this. "Holy crow, Audra! Why the heck didn't you post this after the concert?" I imagine you're saying right now. This is what I originally shot:

Awesome, right? It's completely, 5 stops to be exact, underexposed. I shot it during Knuckles Song. E and The Chet have no light on them. Since taking the photos, a new version of Light Room was released. If you have any doubt whether or not this program is worth the money, it is.

I'm selecting this as my photo of the week because it shows how far I've come in terms of processing my photos. It wasn't easy to make this picture look presentable and until this week, I had no idea it even existed. In a manner of speaking, it was made this week.

What I love most about it is that it has this unearthly mix of haze and clarity. It reminds me of a dream; the fading memory of the concert.

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