Friday, February 3, 2012

If I had a Dance Fight Gang...

My gang would be called the Won Eyed Duckz and that would be our tag.

That logo was part of a series of icons I made a few years ago. Although I've had the same facebook image from day one and will not change it, I swap my iChat icon daily. My duck series was a combination of a few graphic design projects I did in college: create a character using punctuation marks, show motion with a still image and style a character in different artistic movements. 

One of my favorites is the loud, fast duck, coming at you. The one eyed duck is my Picasso duck.

'But what's a dance fight, Audra?' you might be asking yourself.

Rob Stone, from TV's Mr. Belvedere, in quite possibly his greatest role to date. This is an excerpt from ABC's After School Special, Ace Hits The Big Time. It is unbelievable, and if you are a member of Netflix, you can rent it. How can you say no, with lines like, "You're gonna look like cooked spaghetti!" ???

FYI, the Won Eyed Duckz could take the Purple Falcons. Any day of the week!

P.S. I just realized I never actually explained the reason behind the ducks, which lead to the graphic design nostalgia,  which lead to the dance fight. Sorry about that. I've been planning a get together at one of my favorite restaurants in New Haven, C.O. Jones. Well, it turns out the restaurant has been completely revamped. Not only do they have a roasted beet with goat cheese tapas, the best thing I've ever eaten, they have duck tacos! Half price margaritas and tapas are calling!

A really old picture from C.O. Jones taken on my first digital camera.

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