Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Bjork Reschedules Concert

I wanted to point out, mostly because I was a little harsh in my original post, that Bjork did in fact reschedule her canceled concert. Ticket holders for the canceled show were offered a presale yesterday and it's now open to the public. Unfortunately for me, the rescheduled date is a Monday and it's also being held at Roseland instead of NY Hall of Science, so I'm not able to go, but I did want to express that I think she handled this amazingly. Less than a week after the cancellation, she made things up to her fans. Very few artists care enough to do that. Brava!

Also, I jokingly drew my shoe shot for Bjork and I attached a picture of her actual shoes. They are freakishly similar and I nailed the legging color. I'm kinda weirded out...

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