Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Last Summer on Earth at Mohegan Sun: Guster

Gaining photo access to this tour was much less stressful than the last time I shot Ben Folds Five. It was my first trip to Mohegan Sun for a concert, and I was wonderfully surprised at the ease of working with the on site PR team and the beautiful light. My only complaint would be that I was forced to check my camera bag after the first three songs for each band. No photographer wants to leave thousands of dollars of equipment behind and the process took about two songs. I was also writing the review for this show, so I tried to hustle to get back to my seat so I didn't miss a thing.

I first came across Guster many years back when they toured with Ben Folds (solo) and Rufus Wainwright. I hadn't heard their music before that, but I quickly picked up their albums after the concert. Whenever I listen along to Guster, I sing along and bob my head. The harmonies of Ryan and Adam's voices just lends itself to singing along. They have a great, positive energy and a carefree attitude. I was tickled to see Ryan dressed up in a suit and tie, he's more of a jeans and t shirt kinda guy; he explained he had purchased the suit for a friend's wedding and was including it in his touring outfits to use it as a tax write off. If you need to send any of these along to your accountant, Ryan, feel free!

Lastly, a pair of shoes. I was more focused on working out the light and settling in for the rest of the night than getting shoes. Shame on me.

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