Thursday, May 23, 2013

Xenia Rubinos & Lady Lamb the Beekeeper at Cafe 9 05.10.13

I was pretty hard on myself after this shoot because I wasn't pleased with the results. Some nights, I'm just not feeling it. The funny thing is, this is the second time where I thought my work was garbage and then I got a lot of praise for it. I need to remember that I'm my own worst critic. I did a full review over on Surviving the Golden Age. Make sure you go over there to read what I had to say. It's my third "official" concert review for them, and the first time I had to write about musicians I wasn't completely familiar with. I'm definitely still struggling with the writing portion of it, but I'm going to keep at it.

Xenia Rubinos

Lady Lamb the Beekeeper

The good news is that Cafe 9 has been very impressed with my work so far and has given me an open invitation to shoot there whenever I'd like. That's a big step for me as I continue to grow this aspect of my photography. As always, I end with shoes!

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