Monday, May 6, 2013

Kite Day

The Bronx Napolitanos came for a visit on Saturday, just in time for the 100th annual Milford Kite Day. I brought along The Beast, my 35-350mm lens, to give it some more testing. It still has some focusing issues even in bright sunlight, but it is nice to just bring along one lens and be able to capture everything. You can see from the top picture that it also vingettes when fully zoomed out.

Grace found a few dandelions on our walk to the beach.

She still likes to wear her sunglasses upside down.

Hannah's giant hat.

The Milford Living booth provided us with a pinwheel and bubbles.

 Grace and I went over to the giant duck to say hi, but she was a little freaked out when she got closer to him.

Grace thought the sand dunes were pretty funny, so she laid down between two of them and requested I take a picture.

I haven't posted nearly enough pictures of Hannah. After a quick nap, she was up for a portrait session. Talk about baby blues!

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