Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day Picnic

This is one of those posts that keep my family coming back to my blog. Picnics pretty much turn into photo shoots of my nieces and nephew. If you don't want to look at super cute kids, stop reading now. Family members, continue on!

I've been forcing myself to use the 35-350mm lens in the day time so I can be more acquainted with it and how it reacts. What's fun about it is that I can sneak pictures across the yard. James wasn't prepared for this shot so he didn't have time to turn on the cheese.

Aria and Grace helping with the lawn maintenance.

Cookies as big as your head!

Aria gave me a pretty fantastic stink eye. I swear, I didn't steal her cookie.

Big brother James proving he still has the best stink eye in town.

Grace thought it was funny to run at the camera. The lens did a pretty decent job sticking with her.

Papi is still Aria's favorite.

I finally got some smiles out of Hannah!

Goofy baby pictures are the best.

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