Friday, May 3, 2013

Progressive Calisthenics Bodyweight Strength Workshop

I had the opportunity to photograph an amazing workshop last weekend, hosted by my gym, Kettlebell Daily. The brother duo Al and Danny Kavadlo discussed and went through a series of bodyweight exercises. You can read more about it here. I watched what seemed to be one gravity defying move after another, and not just by the Kavadlo's. What was most impressive was to see people that I work out with doing some of the exact same moves. 

Al Kavadlo

Danny Kavadlo

Al started out by explaining their goals for the day. He stressed that there were variations to every exercise they would be teaching and for the attendees to know their own limits. They went through a series of warm up exercises.

 Moving on to Pistol Squats

Push up variations: one arm and one arm assisted

 Back bridges leading into headstands


 Working up to a complete headstand


On to pull ups, starting with chin ups. I was blown away by the strength of all the women here. If you've been following my blog for a while, you'll know I've failed my pull up goal for a couple years running now. I've got plenty of inspiration to get back on track with that goal.

This was my personal favorite shot of the day and definitely one of my favorite shots I've taken this year. There's so much determination and encouragement as she performed a full pull up. I think it really captured Danny's personality.


A few of the men in the class moved on to Muscle Ups. You propel yourself up and over the bar to end up in this position. I thought of the rings in the Olympics as I watched. I shot a lot of video of this which I haven't had the time to process yet, but I'll throw up links once they are live.

 Walking handstands

 Street Workouts 
(See what I'm talking about with the gravity defying moves?)

To learn more about Al and Danny check out their websites by clicking their names. Big thanks to Trainer Steve for setting this up and asking me to photograph it! It was refreshing to step out of the concert photography scene I've immersed myself in over the past few months.