Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Unsmart Phone

There's been a lot of talk about T-Mobile's "Uncarrier" Event. I'd like to tell you a secret: this plan is by no means new. In fact, I jumped on their no contract plan as soon as they came out with it, nearly three years ago. I did the math and realized that after two years, I'd be saving money with a cheaper monthly bill. As long as my phone lasted past the two year mark. Last week, my phone died completely, a month shy of three years of loyal service. Buttons had been malfunctioning for a couple of months, but on Friday, the touch screen stopped working. I couldn't pick up phone calls or view texts, much less reply to them. Since I've waited this long, I decided to hold out for the newest phone, which comes out May 1st. But, I kinda need a phone, you know to stay in contact with people. (I don't have a LAN line) My other option? To bust out this little green gem: my Motorolla Pebl.

I always feel bad about holding on to old phones, but in this case, I'm so glad I did. With a quick swapping out of the SIM card, the Pebl was back in action. Yes, it's ridiculous to go back to the flip phone. Texting takes forever! I have no internet connection on it. I also don't have any contacts and I can't access them on my old phone because of the broken touch screen. (If you have my number, you should really call or text me so I can add you back into this phone!) What it does have, besides the best game ever, RAINBOW YAHTZEE, are some really old photos. This was before the day of SD cards and emailing pictures, so these photos have been stuck on my phone since they were taken, 2006-2008. After reading the instruction manual, I found there was a blue tooth connection option. I synced it with my iMac and I'm able to share the randomness of my life seven years ago.

Of course there were lots of pictures of Addy. When we lived in The Valley, Addy was an illegal occupant. Shhhh! She used to lie on her back like that all the time.

Have you ever thought it was so hot outside, you could fry an egg? We conducted an experiment outside the office on one of those dreadfully hot days. Christian lent us the use of his car for some reason to test this theory, Sports Editor Bill cracked the egg and Photo Editor Ralph shot video. The egg just slid off the car. It was such a let down.

When Hometown Publications was sold to Hersam Acorn, we had to kill off our mascot, Rollie the giant googly eyed Newspaper. He was part of the old company's property. They took the main costume, but the shoes were left behind. This is our morgue, where we keep back issues of all the newspapers.

This giant luna moth sat on a pole outside the office building all day. It was as big as my hand. Pretty impressive quality from a dinky flip camera phone without a flash, right?

The only picture I have of the moon in Hawaii.

Addy keeping me from the massive pile of Christmas cards I was trying to write. She likes to annoy me by sitting on my lap when I have something to do so I annoy her right on back by taking pictures of her. Some things never change.

And this one, one of the most ridiculous pictures I've ever taken. Somebody wrote this on the wall outside one of our offices. The mean streets of Ridgefield, Connecticut.

I came across the above image today as I was thinking about expanding upon my thoughts. If you look closely, there is one little escapee running away from his iPhone jail. It's absurd how I've allowed myself to become so wrapped up in the constant connection of social media. Do I need it? No. Can I live without it? Absolutely. I won't deny I felt a bit like an addict in detox the first few days, but the nervous twitches have stopped. I'm not tweaking anymore. This would be the time to cut the cord, but I know I'll go crawling back. Only one more week until the phone I'm waiting for comes out. Then I'll spend way too much money on something that will break within a couple of years no matter how much I take care of it. It's funny that I'll wait until my shampoo is on sale and I have a coupon for it before I buy it, but I don't blink an eye when I drop $600 on a phone. Then again, it's a tax write off, so I should just be quiet.

I apologize for the cynicism. You are free to go on to the next blog/tweet/post that scrolls across your home screen.

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