Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter Round Up

Cadbury Mini Eggs are my kryptonite 

This is my obligatory Easter post which will feature mostly pictures of the family. If you don't like looking at pictures of cute kids, stop reading now. My family's Easter tradition starts very early Saturday morning. This year, we decided to cut the recipe down slightly. We only made 12 pies; in the past we've made anywhere between 15-20.

We're training Grace to be the next Dough Master.

Getting instructions from Grandma. I also love the giant vat of Crisco in this picture.

Hannah was much more alert this time around.

Uncle Jimmy arriving

I hear Aria refuses to look at other, smaller cameras. She knows quality when she sees it.

James loves his new cousin

Typical goofball James

The nieces and nephew were suddenly all in one place and looking vaguely in my direction. 
It happened so fast, I didn't have a chance to clear off the table.

My brother Nick has taken on the roll of pie filler, which I think is the hardest job of all. Sure, he has great dough to work with, but it takes a lot of skill to fill each pie perfectly. Also notice his fantastic apron, which was one of my grandmother's.

Aria was a big fan of the pies

I even made it into a picture this year!

Easter stock photos

Grandma Soup's crocheted egg display

I've been slowly learning the ins and outs of the Polaroid Spectra that was handed down to me from my Great Uncle Fritzy. The pictures are SO WIDE! I took a bunny outside to put in front of some of the crocuses. As the picture developed, I couldn't stop looking at it. Anyone who follows this blog knows that I am amazingly adept at capturing pictures of stink eye. Yes, that inanimate bunny is giving me the stink eye!

Just so you don't think I'm crazy, I took a digital picture of the same bunny. He's slightly less angry from this angle, but I still see it...

Easter Sunday was the egg hunt. Aria tried to hold as many as she could.

And then wanted to share with me.

James reaching for his egg

Hint: if you see the photographer crouched down on the ground somewhere, there is most likely an egg nearby.

Eventually, Grace found the egg!

James and Grandma emptying out the spoils.

Grace displaying her new peacock feather, which you saw a couple weeks ago in the letter F Alphabet Challenge.

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