Sunday, February 10, 2013


I interrupt my normal Sunday Alphabet Challenge post to bring you some blizzard pictures. The good thing about the Alphabet Challenge is that it won't take me an entire year, so if I feel like skipping a week, I can! I live in Milford, Connecticut, which got a whopping 38 inches of snow dumped on us. It's the most snow I've seen in my lifetime, although my parents say this is what the blizzard of '78 looked like. The first picture was taken Saturday afternoon, before the plows had cleared Monroe Ave. That car is parked on the street.

I tossed out some seeds for the birds that were brave enough to come out. These mourning doves decided to sit on the pile so no one else could get any.

It took us five hours to clear out the driveway and three cars, even though we couldn't go anywhere.

Path to the front steps.

My street got a single pass from a snow plow on Saturday morning. There weren't many cars out on Saturday because nothing had been plowed. The car in this picture had to turn around and come back up the path.

My neighbor's house this morning. The snow is almost all the way up to his picture window, which is held in place with a lovely 2x4. (My neighbor is a hoarder.)

At some point last night, the plows came by to clear off Monroe Ave. They decided that our sidewalk was the perfect place to dump all the snow they plowed. That's about an eight foot pile of snow. The bush is in our yard past the sidewalk.

The plows did not clear the other side of Harrison Ave, so there's plenty of snow still preventing us from leaving the house.

Another view of our sidewalk, including the fire hydrant that was plowed in.

A view looking down Monroe Ave.

There's a little backhoe at the end of the street, clearing out the snow from the apartment buildings.

These are all the cars parked on the other side of Monroe Ave.

There are streets that haven't even been plowed at all.

Farther up Monroe Ave, shot from the ground level.

Another dump site for the snow plows.

This is actually a street, just around the corner from the last shot that also hasn't been plowed.

Looking back towards my house.

Again, this is the corner of my yard, the giant pile of snow that the plows left behind on the sidewalk, with an SUV driving by to give you a better sense of the scale.


The now single lane Harrison Ave, shot from ground level. There's currently a tiny sports car that is stuck right in front of my house. I'm not sure why they thought they'd make it up the hill...

And a last little look at the icicle hanging off our house, to show you it is really pretty outside. The sun is shining today, helping to melt was has been cleared. The problem right now is that there is no where for the snow to be put once it is cleared and all the cars parked on the streets aren't exactly making things any easier. I can't really complain; thankfully, I still have power and plenty more pictures to process. It'll be interesting to see if I can make it into work tomorrow.

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