Sunday, February 3, 2013

Alphabet Photo Challenge: D

D is for Dog

This photo set doesn't exactly fit in with the rest of the challenge, but it seemed appropriate. I spent the last week looking after this handsome devil and I didn't have anything in mind for the letter D. Even though I currently have a cat, I grew up owning dogs. As you can see, Luke isn't shy and loves the camera.


  1. ooooooo Aud!!!!! You really captured the Schmoo!!!!!!!!!!!! He is a huge ham!!!!!!! I love these!!!! You are amazing!
    PS I love all of them especially the top middle (showing scar on nose from...a CAT!) and lower left with the raised eyebrow!!! LOVE! xo

  2. These ones are funny. The upper right and the two shots at the bottom reminded me of that dog which is the omniscient narrator in a comedy, aware of everything going on in the storyline while the other characters -humans- have no clue. Nothing to do with what you explain above, I know, but that's what it inspired me. Loved this one. :-)

  3. How strange, I commented on this entry on Sunday, I'd say, but I can't see the comment. Anyway, I just wanted to say that the three last shots remind me of those omniscient dogs in films, usually comic films, and that I thought that taking the pics using those angles was very clever of you, Audra. :)