Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Christmas Roundup

I tend to get a backlog of photos this time of year, so there will be a few posts this week. Here is a collection of family pictures from the holidays. Above is an out take of the Christmas ornament with my nieces Aria and Grace and myself.

 Unknown photo bomber at the Bigelow Tea Christmas Party.

Grace looking a little tired. Think somebody skipped their nap?

James thought the elf was the coolest this year and requested I take a picture of him with her.


My father plays Santa and this year, all of his grandchildren had him pegged.

Grace even looked at the pictures later and pointed at Santa, proudly declaring, "Papi!"

James is a pro at this point.

Aria has really gotten the hang of the camera.

Grace showing off her crazy curls and killer eyes. She's almost ready for a fr EYE day shot!

Grace is also a little photographer. I love the look on her face as Aria tackles one of her toys. 

Speaking of Aria, she decided this was the best way to wear her purse that Grandma made for her.

Grace thanking Grandma for her presents.

James got a ton of cool Star Wars themed presents. Check out that nifty wrapping paper on the table!

My parents got themselves new wedding bands.

And Aria spent the majority of the day posing for pictures. Somebody is turning out just like her big brother!

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