Sunday, January 13, 2013

Alphabet Photo Challenge: A

A is for Artichoke

This is the first week of my Alphabet Photo Challenge. My goal is to photograph an item that starts with a different letter of the alphabet every week. It's a good exercise in lighting set up, product photography and some on the fly photo layout. I'm also trying to pick items that have some significance to me, so here's the story behind the artichokes.

My cousin had a photo box in her kitchen of dried artichokes. There were two rows of four artichokes, suspended in air in a white frame. I thought it was a little strange, because she wasn't a fancy chef or anything. For some reason, this art work seemed like it belonged to someone who really loved food. Well, it turns out that this particular item used to belong to a restaurant. It was the art work that graced a bathroom wall. I won't say who it was that ganked it from the restaurant. To this day, every time I see artichokes, I think of my klepto relatives and smile.

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