Monday, December 17, 2012

Gotye Williamsburg Park Second Look

Now that the tour is over, I thought it was time to publish my second look from Brooklyn. I tend to use my gut reaction when I go through shot selection. In the case of this concert, I shot well over 2,000 images, which is what I tend to shoot during an entire eight hour wedding. I tried to select no more than a few of each song, unless there was some sort of fun interaction between band members. As with all photography, there are shots that aren't crisply in focus or where people are making unfortunate faces that have to be thrown out.

Usually, I find that I have missed a few pictures in my original selection process that are just as good as some of the originals. I like to take a month or two off before I do this because it allows me to look at the whole shoot with a new perspective. Below are the best pictures I originally passed by.

Notice Ben's face in this shot.


  1. Damn Audra you're the best.

  2. Beautiful photos Audra May! Love how you captured the moment with the Gotye guys! So cool!

  3. Wonderful , beautiful , gorgeous pictures! Thank you Audra-May ! Love your work !!!