Friday, January 2, 2015

14 New* Things: End Result

1. Grain free by the end of January: Fail
I managed to get back on Paleo in September and besides a couple cheat days, I've been pretty good. Occasionally, I slip into gluten free when I'm eating out with friends, but it's become much easier to adjust my diet on the fly.

2. Photo Challenge: Shooting Calendar: Ongoing
I've managed to take a photograph every single day from February 2014 through December 2014. I decided to make it a full 365 photo challenge, so I'm continuing this through January. I'm going to put together photo collages of each word once I'm finished. You can check my progress on Pinterest.

3. Go to the gym 5x's a week for 10 weeks: Fail
My gym closed early in the year and while I've found a program I enjoy that I can do at home, I didn't hit this goal.

4. Give Blood: Success
I gave blood four times this year! I even had a bad phlebotomist that went through my vein wall and went back after that! I think my fear of needles is in the past. I had another appointment scheduled for the end of the year, but I got the flu and had to cancel.

5. Play Basketball: Fail
I kinda forgot about this one.

6. Run a 5K: Success
Not only did I run a 5K, I ran two!

7. Shoot with online photographer friends: Success
I met one of my friends from tumblr and we went to a concert and shot together. I also shot with another concert photographer that I follow at the Tom Petty concert.

8. Shoot more concerts than last year: Tie
I shot 25 concerts last year and....I shot the same amount this year. While that's technically a tie, I also shot 15 weddings this year. That's a huge increase in wedding work and ate up quite a bit of my weekend time which is when I usually shoot concerts.

9. Fall foliage: Success
I made sure to have a camera with me at all times this year and made sure I got to a scenic spot during peak foliage.

10. Find a new dentist: Success
I found a new dentist, went to a cleaning (had NO cavities) and am currently searching for another new dentist because they were a bit sketchy. At least my brushing and flossing habits are good!

11. Take a trip to Maine: Fail
25 concerts and 15 weddings didn't leave me with a lot of spare time, although, I did take a day trip to Vermont, so that's close!

12. Find a word press template I like and transfer website over to it by 2015: Success
I picked out a lovely theme and am in the process of selecting photographs for the main pages. Yey!

13. 30 second flexed arm hang: Fail
Oh well...

14. Convince Andy Stochansky to record a new album and tour so I can photograph him: Fail, but...
Seeing how I never contacted Andy to let him know about this goal, I was pretty sure I'd fail it. It was a bit of a silly goal, but it did teach me to take risks and try to cover a few shows that I thought were out of my league. It turned out that I did get to cover those shows, so I'm going to count this one as a win.

All in all, I had a pretty successful year as far as my goals are concerned! Stay tuned for this year's 15 New Things to post in a few days!

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