Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 Gathering of the Vibes

Normally, the last week of the year I put together a bunch of best of posts. I was taken down by the flu right before Christmas, so I never had a chance to do those posts. I'm going to get to them in January, which will give me something to do while things are slow. Besides, I still haven't posted concert photos from the 2014 Gathering of the Vibes!

I returned to Seaside Park for the second year in a row to cover three of the four days of music for the newspapers. I felt much more comfortable this time around since I knew a few of the photographers from the previous year. I mostly shot with the 35-350mm lens, but played around with the Petzval a bit. I felt that I had a better balance of people shots and concert photography. It was a great exercise for me because I shot around 1,000 photos a day and edited them down to 25-30 for our newspaper websites the next morning. 

For the most part, things went smoothly. My only complaint is that the festival let in VIP fans into the photo pit while we were trying to shoot. When you have 20-30 photographers trying to work in close quarters, it's tough, then add fans crowding right up to the stage and it became a mad house. I don't see why we weren't allowed to shoot our three songs before the fans were let in, but hey, I did what I could. I included a photo of how impossible it was to even move during Ziggy Marley's set at the end. 

Rusted Root


Dark Star Orchestra


Rodrigo y Gabriela

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

Widespread Panic


Ziggy Marley

I'm not allowed to include my Ziggy Marley photos because I signed a waiver to photograph him. Technically, only the media company I work for can post those photos, so I took a couple of screen shots of our website and posted that.

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