Monday, September 8, 2014

Nature Hodgepodge

In an attempt to get through my back log of photos, I've organized them into themes. This is the set of nature/flowers I've taken during the spring and summer. One of the best surprises of my shooting calendar photo challenge is how I've learned to love some of my lenses. The majority of these were taken with the Beast, my 35-350mm lens with a close up filter. It actually enlarges things more than my macro lens. I've really embraced manual focusing, which eliminates a lot of the issues the lens has.

An incredible storm rolled in while I was at the office one day and I was lucky enough to have my camera with me.

These are some detail shots of our night blooming cereus plant. Technically, it's a cactus, but it doesn't have any spines. It grows these gigantic flowers that open for one night and fill the house with the scent of vanilla. It's really amazing.

I decided to try my hand at some back yard nature photography. I attached my 2X converter to the 35-350mm lens, making it a 700mm lens at the far end. You have to manually focus with the converter on, so I got some more practice on that. Quite the feeding frenzy with the sparrows.

Finally, I cat sat for my old roommate and she has the most amazing garden and homegrown veggies. I didn't enhance the colors at all, they really pop this much!

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