Thursday, September 18, 2014

Family Roundup: May-September

Here's the post my family has been waiting months for: pretty much every event of the summer is included here. There are lots of pictures in this post, mostly of super cute kids. The above shot is the handmade wrapping paper I created for James' birthday. He's a minecraft addict.

Michelle Graduates Law School

Congrats to my incredible sister-in-law who made it through law school with two young children and to my brother for not losing his mind in the process! I loved that Hannah and Grace also got graduate certificates and got to walk on stage with their mom. The reactions of the professors on stage are great.


Brian's 30th Birthday

We found out that Hannah is a ringer at the shell game and my cousin Brian had to eat his own face. Also, super cute puppies.


Hannah and Grace Visit

The girls stayed with us an entire week during the summer! As hectic as it was with work, it was great to spend so much time with them. We went to the beach, read tons of stories and visited the Pez factory.

James' Birthday

These are some of the most intricate stamp patterns I've made to date and sure did take forever to make! I've even made wooden handles to make the stamps look more professional. I can't believe James is seven already! From shutting his eyes tight to make a wish to his sense of humor in the poses he comes up with for these photos, he's such an amazing little person. Also, I've secured my status of Coolest Aunt in the world with that Creeper hoodie.

September Birthdays

I never like to announce my own birthday and I don't let my friends make a big deal out of it, but I enjoy a small gathering with my immediate family. I get to share it with Michelle, who's birthday is the day after mine. What's striking to me in posting these photos together is the curl progression of Hannah's hair. Go back to the top and see how she only had the hints of curls and now she's all out curly q! It's not quite as blond as Grace, but holy crow, Hannah! Grace even posed nicely for a couple of shots, but I couldn't get a good one of Aria; she's going through a phase where she deliberately makes faces at me. Sigh.

Coming up next are all the concerts I've covered over the past couple of months. Stay tuned!

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