Tuesday, September 10, 2013

08.04.13 Under the Sun Tour Part 2: Sugar Ray & Smash Mouth

Continuing on with the show, the bigger names of the night were Sugar Ray and Smash Mouth. With the more popular bands comes more dramatic, read annoying, lighting. I was able to work with Sugar Ray a little more, but the majority of Smash Mouth's set was bathed in red light, hence all the converted black and white photographs.

Mark McGrath of Sugar Ray is a ham on the stage. While his singing isn't always on key, he owns the stage and often poses for the photographers. I think I did a fairly decent job of capturing that as well as some more genuine emotions from the rest of the band. While I don't love posing for the camera, it gets me good pictures, so I really can't complain much. I always try to keep my eye on the other band members for their moments in the show. I love the smiling pictures of Aussie bassist Serg Dmitrijevic and drummer Dean Butterworth. I also crack up over the look of discomfort coming from guitarist Rodney Sheppard when McGrath held a very close pose for a few seconds too long.

Smash Mouth, boy howdy, were they hard to shoot. I stuck to the right side of the stage the full three songs, mostly because I already knew who was going to be the most fun member of the band to shoot. Throughout the night, different members of the bands were coming out and playing with their tour mates. I'd seen Smash Mouth's keyboardist Michael Klooster play with Fastball early in the night and he was hilarious and intense. I wanted to make sure I had a good angle to him while still able to capture the rest of the band. Klooster didn't disappoint. I love the enthusiasm in all of his shots. Guitarist Sean Hurwitz gave just as much energy out on stage. The band genuinely looks like they are having a blast with each other and that's always a joy to photograph.

Sugar Ray

Smash Mouth

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