Thursday, July 18, 2013

Roid Week: Day 4

There's no real theme today, just a couple of cool experiments. The top is my first emulsion lift of the always cool Brett. When I asked if anyone was willing to head down to the docks to take a picture, he happily agreed. The picture wasn't turning out the way I wanted, so I decided to cut it open and see what happened. It slightly bubbled up on the art paper I stuck it to and when I scanned it, there was a little blow out. Still, the end result is 100 times more fun than the original picture. Where else can you destroy something and make it better? I love instant film!

The second picture was another from the carnival. This was the Swinger machine and in the background the one that spins really fast and the floors drop out. It was an 8 second exposure, wheel set to full dark and the sensor blocked. I really like the silhouettes of the people standing at the gates.

Tomorrow, I'm only going to post one picture in the morning. If all goes well, I'll have a second at the end of the night. Stay tuned!

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