Monday, July 15, 2013

Polaroid Week 2013

Happy 'Roid Week!!!

This year I'm taking part in Polaroid Week. Monday through Friday, users on flickr are allowed to submit two photos per day of their recent Instant Film shots. Be sure to check out all the amazing creativity by clicking here.

I decided to start my Polaroid celebration a month ago, for my SX-70's birthday. Did you know that you can find out when your SX-70 was "born"? This website gives you instructions to find the serial number and spits out a date of birth for your camera. Check it out here. My particular camera's birthday is June 5th, 1978, so it's slightly older than I am. I gathered up all of my Polaroid cameras and threw a little party for the SX-70.

I've yet to use any film in the One, the newest of my Polaroid cameras.

My Spectra, which was my great uncle's camera, and the short lived I-Zone, which printed out miniature sticky pictures.

The birthday boy, the SX-70, which is by far my favorite Polaroid to shoot. I get compliments every time someone sees it.

No party would be complete without a fresh batch of Impossible Project film to shoot! I've already submitted my Monday pictures to the flickr group, but I'll post them here for those less inclined to click links. Both come from my photo assignment over the weekend: a carnival in Monroe, Connecticut.

I loved the colors of the Whackamole game. This was shot just before the sun went down, wheel set to neutral.

This ferris wheel shot was taken using a tripod and a 14 second exposure. I set the wheel to full dark and blocked the light sensor with my finger. This causes the shutter to stay open as long as you are blocking it because the camera thinks it needs more light. It's a little bright still; I could've gotten away with a much shorter exposure, but it was the first time I played around with night photography on the SX-70.

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