Thursday, July 25, 2013

Recently Published Work

I know the frequency of my blog posts has gone down this year. I'm shooting a lot more, which is good, but eats into the time I devote to this blog. I'm currently shooting for the newspapers, features and cover shots; Surviving the Golden Age, concerts and occasionally reviews; Russell's Photography, second shooting weddings; and myself. I try to post the outtakes from these shoots as quickly as possible, but in each case, I wait until the publication or site has run them first.

I have a few concerts that I covered that will be posting next week. I shot the Last Summer on Earth tour at Mohegan Sun last week, which was my biggest shoot of the year. I just found out that I'll be covering The Gathering of the Vibes this weekend for the newspaper and am currently jumping through the media hoops to make sure I have all the access I need. It'll be the first festival I've photographed, so the learning experience alone will be worth the hassle in the end. 

I always believe the more you shoot, the better you get. What do you think?

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