Monday, June 17, 2013

An Evening with the Mountain Goats at Center Church 06.07.13

There's nothing better than seeing a band you like play in a venue you're excited about. I studied Center Church in my Architecture Art History class in college. I was supposed to attend my first Eels concert here five years ago, but the show was canceled the week of. Needless to say, I was very excited to get inside and photograph this concert.

A few church details to start.

I had the option of shooting from the back of the room or from the balcony. I started on the balcony because it had a less obstructed view. The light wasn't as good as I'd hoped for. There was plenty of colored gels projected onto the wall behind the band, but the spotlights were set on the piano. Darnielle didn't head over there till the middle of his set, well after I had taken my seat.

After the second song, I bolted downstairs to get a different angle. I was only allowed to shoot the first three songs and thankfully, the band came out full of energy. There are shows when I push my luck and continue shooting and there are shows where I just want to enjoy the music. Sure, there were moments where I would've loved to have jumped out of my seat, into the aisle to be able to photograph what was going on, but I wanted to give the band the respect they deserve. My only complaint of the night is that the line of sight on the main floor is pretty limited. It's a church and the band is placed on the floor in front of the pulpit. If you can get an aisle seat, you'll see fine, otherwise, stick to the balcony. 

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