Monday, March 3, 2014

Yashica Mat 124-G Test Roll

I've always wanted a medium format camera, so I finally bought one from Joey, the amazing man behind Awesome Cameras. I put a test roll of Fuji Pro 400 in the camera, just to make sure the camera was in working condition, and attacked my friends. The battery for light meter in the camera was long dead and they aren't made anymore, but that didn't stop me from shooting. As I'm relearning the Sunny 16 rule, I brought along my EOS M as a back up meter. For the most part, my exposures were spot on, erring on the side of over exposed which is completely salvageable once the negs were scanned. Since I wanted the roll scanned quickly, I brought it to Milford Photo; development and scanning ran me about $20. I'll be looking for a better price online.

What I learned from the test roll was that I need to work a bit more on my focusing. I've definitely gotten spoiled by my SLR's auto focus. I learned that I'm not as steady as I once was with slow shutter speeds; the picture of Steve indoors has a bit of camera shake blur in it at 1/60th of a second. Some of my compositions are a bit off because I wasn't sure if what I was seeing in the view finder was what the camera would really take. There was a slight hiccup in the film winding after the first picture of Addy, which caused me to lose a frame at the end of the roll. Other than that, I really like the bokeh of the lens and was pretty happy with the results, especially in the picture of my mom.

 Donna (Hey, her sweater is sharply in focus)

 Mario (Way too much dead space)

 Steve (Slow shutter speed)

 River of Ice

 Addy 1 (With a slight light leak on the bottom of the frame during winding issues)

 Addy 2 (Poorly focused)



Hurricane Lamp (how did I not notice the bottle of Alkalol in this shot?!?!)

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  1. Cool! Just bought a yashica mat as well. I used to have one and sold it for some dumb reason. Now im blogging about film as well and decided i had to have one again.